Precautions for wearing a hearing aid

Hearing aids are electronic products,Good hearing aids are not expensive,Therefore, hearing aids require our good maintenance to extend the use of hearing aids.,So how to maintain and maintain the hearing aid?,Today, I heard a good expert to give you a detailed introduction.


1The hearing aid is afraid of water. You should remove the hearing aid when you are washing your face, taking a shower, washing your hair, and when you are outdoors when it is raining. When wearing in summer, prevent sweat from entering the hearing aid. Wipe the hearing aid every day and try to keep the hearing aid clean and dry. It is recommended that you use an electronic nursing treasure for hearing aids.

2Please be sure to use a zinc-air battery for hearing aids, or use different grades of batteries according to your choice of hearing aids. Please replace the old batteries that cannot be used in time, especially the batteries that have been rusted and have expired. It is forbidden to use batteries of inferior batteries and other electronic products. (The protective film of the zinc air battery must be used up after it has been torn off, otherwise the battery will automatically drain the battery.)

3If you do not use the hearing aid for a period of time, be sure to remove the battery to prevent the battery from leaking and corroding the movement, seriously damaging your hearing aid, and then clean the hearing aid and put it in a special dry box to keep it dry.

Said that I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of how to maintain hearing aids.,Hearing aids are sophisticated electronic devices that require our good maintenance.,If you have any other questions about the maintenance of hearing aids, please click on the online consultation on the right side and there will be professional staff to answer your questions..

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