Hearing loss sounds different for everyone and is caused in different ways. We distinguish 4 levels of hearing loss.

The different levels of hearing loss (Custom)
When is someone hearing impaired?
We speak of hearing impairment when you have a hearing loss of 20 to 90 decibels in your best ear. If your hearing loss falls between 1 and 20 decibels, you have a normal hearing. Is your hearing loss more than 90 decibels? Then there is talk of deafness.

Different levels of hearing loss
There are different levels of hearing loss. Someone has a normal hearing between 0-20 dB. There is a slight hearing loss between 20-35 dB and average hearing loss at 35-70 dB. Someone has a severe hearing loss between 70 and 90 decibels.

Hearing loss in practice
To provide a clearer insight into the degree of hearing loss: normal talking usually goes at a level of 40 dB, while a jackhammer has a noise level of 95 dB. A vacuum cleaner or full restaurant has a level of approximately 70-75 dB.

Harmful from 80 dB
Sounds can already be harmful to your hearing from 80 dB. Sounds louder than 120 dB can immediately damage your hearing. The music in a disco quickly exceeds 100 dB and fireworks even reach 140 dB. Long-term listening to music with headphones is also harmful; the music is 95 dB on average.

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