For hearing impaired friends, hearing aid is a tool to improve listening, to help them better communicate , and wearing hearing aid is an effective method.

A lot of hearing impaired friends will have difficulties when they are chosing hearing aids, and often hear someone ask:

Can I buy my own hearing AIDS online?

Is hearing aid  more better with more channels ?

The low price of hearing AIDS is not good ?

The answer is: there is no perfect hearing aid, only the right one for you.So with so many hearing AIDS on the market, how do you find your own?

Each type of hearing aid has its own range of fit, not all hearing AIDS look and function for your hearing loss.

BTE Hearing aid fit the most wide range, can meet the compensation needs of a variety of hearing loss, especially for severe, profound or some high frequency steep drop type hearing loss

For example, moderate hearing loss, suitable for M power hearing aid, almost all of our models are suitable, but also to see their economic strength and hearing loss nature, if the user hearing loss conductivity or sensorineural, you can start from  digital model,  choice.


In addition, can also choose ITE hearing aids , the general machine is more economical


Relatively speaking, the adaptive range of customized hearing aid will be smaller, can meet the heavy and profound hearing compensation requirements.

Finally,which model to choose, according to your hearing loss degree of demand, choose your own hearing aid.


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