Lip reading sounds like a hearing aid for people to understand better. Nonetheless, people without hearing loss also use lip-reading. This happens, for example, when someone is talking very quietly or when you are in a noisy environment. For people with hearing impairment, lip reading is an ideal solution for understanding conversations.

What is lip reading?
Lip reading, also referred to as speech cancellation, means that you look at the speaker’s mouth to understand what is being said. Speech sounds that resemble each other can often be distinguished from one another on the basis of the mouth image.

Not everything is understood
When you can lip-read, this does not mean that you understand everything someone says. Certain letters can be deduced more clearly than others. The ‘a’ and the ‘o’ are clearly visible, but the letters ‘k’ and ‘g’, for example, are not. The same applies to the letters ‘p’ and ‘b’. The sentence can then provide clarity. If you cannot hear the speaker well or not at all, then lip reading becomes a lot harder. There are some ways to get better at lip reading.

How do I learn to read lip?
It is possible to follow speech therapy training with speech therapists. Speaking of speech is usually spoken of, because not only the mouth image but the entire facial expression plays a role. There are also practice groups to train speech-loosing in groups. Do you prefer to practice in your own environment? There are various programs available to learn how to lip-read on the computer. In addition, you can also practice by subtitling television programs (in your own language). This is also possible with videos on YouTube or with films. In this way you improve lip reading in practice.

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