Can a monk learn to talk?How can a monk learn to speak?

We know that when we are very young, we rely on hearing aids.orThe help of cochlear implants and language training can achieve good results; but can adults learn to speak because they are older?


Adult language training, the most important thing is the training of the word and sound type. Every Chinese voice has its standard pronunciation type, likeaoSound byaAndocomposition,aIt is a big mouth type, you must open your mouth when you pronounce it.oIt is a small mouth type, and the mouth is smashed into a small round shape when it is pronounced, soaoThe pronunciation, the mouth shape will have to be changed from big to small.

Older monks perform language rehabilitation and learn quickly. However, due to the vocal cord system, respiratory system, less time for exercise, and late time, they will not be as natural as children, and they will speak harder. But effective training can solve these problems! If you are younger than seven years old when you are in training, the clarity of his speech will be basically the same as that of a normal person.

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