Can a baby with a bad hearing wear a hearing aid to speak?

Baby’s learning begins with perception. Hearing is one of our most important sensory organs, an important channel for communication, and an important tool for learning and mastering language.

The three major systems of language: pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar are inseparable from hearing. The baby’s language begins with imitation, and can be perceived, distinguished, remembered, received, and analyzed. Hearing is crucial at different stages of language development learning. For example, the resolution of the tone, the imitation of the rhythm, the perception of the breathing and so on.


Hearing is like a language student, and at the same time a language coach. While learning, he can listen to every tone he sends at any time, and adjust the corresponding pronunciation parts according to the needs until the correct pronunciation habits are met.

If a child loses hearing early or naturally, he will lose the receiving channel for learning the language. This is why the saying is often said to be “deaf and dumb”. The “dumb” of the deaf child is not “cannot speak” but “no” speak”. They can’t hear the pronunciation of others, they can’t hear their own pronunciation, and they can’t judge whether they are right or wrong, and they can’t form words with emotion and rhythm. This is why many of the children’s language seems to be indistinct and the rhythm is not flexible, just like the robot speaks.

About the language rehabilitation of a child, there is2Points need to be considered:

1Wearing a hearing aid only solves the problem of hearing. The recovery of language ability cannot be taken for granted, because the enlightenment stage of language learning may not be compensated for because of the lack of hearing problems.

2After hearing aid compensation, it is necessary to meet certain standards. Many hearing aid organizations or experts can help solve this problem.

Does the child wear a hearing aid machine and will speak normally?

After a child brings a hearing aid, how to enter the language requires three assessments:

1Hearing ability assessment: quantitative assessment, functional assessment. The degree of hearing loss and the effect of hearing aid compensation are measured. And speech recognition rate.

2Speech proficiency assessment: The ability to detect the pronunciation level, comprehension ability, lexical level distribution, language use and expression of deaf children, and even the function of organ organs such as the mouth muscles and ankles that fail to obtain normal development.

3Learning ability assessment: This is a comprehensive assessment, mainly the ability of the child to coordinate, visual memory, identification, association, and other language thinking.,Provide a basis for multi-faceted training for rehabilitation and development of its comprehensive language skills.

Does the child wear a hearing aid machine and will speak normally?

In short, the rehabilitation task of deaf children is arduous. After hearing compensation, it is best to develop a rehabilitation plan by a professional speech correction expert, and practice training by a professional voice corrector. This can increase the correction effect and improve the efficiency, so that the deaf child recovers as soon as possible. Reintegrate into society and gain more opportunities for personal development.

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