Is the newly purchased hearing aid battery powered?

In the usual reception work, the fitter often has customer consultation. After the new battery is put into the hearing aid, there is still no sound. Is the battery without electricity?

In fact, this has a lot to do with the battery used by hearing aids. The battery used in the hearing aid is a zinc-vacuum battery, which is widely used in the hearing aid industry due to its large capacity, stable voltage and small internal resistance.

The biggest feature of zinc-air batteries is that they work by reacting oxygen in the air with chemically reactive materials in the battery to produce electricity. When the battery is manufactured, the manufacturer will put a piece on the positive (flat) surface of the battery. The adhesive sheet is sealed, and the chemical reaction material in the battery stops working due to the inability to react with the air to enter the “hibernation” state. When the user wants to use it, after tearing off the sealing sticker piece, the air enters the battery to react, and the battery is “excited”. “Live” to release electricity. Therefore, when the newly purchased battery is bought for temporary use, it must not destroy its package. Even if it is peeled off and re-applied, it will also release electricity.


However, since the electric energy will not return to the highest point immediately after tearing off the sealing sticker, the relevant information shows that the battery needs to be fully restored from activation to full voltage.5To60Minutes, especially when the battery is opened immediately after being opened, it is often used as a “battery without electricity” due to the inability to immediately drag the load. Be sure to recognize this phenomenon and prevent the battery from being “squeaky”.

The battery in the hearing aid has no electricity, and there is a small trick in the case of emergency hearing aids. This problem can be solved urgently: a few breaths on the positive side of the battery (flat bottom), in most cases, you can get it as soon as possible. A battery that works basically the same.

If you find that the battery has not been powered for a long time after the battery is opened, it may be that there is no power.

In addition, since the zinc-air battery is a battery that operates on the principle of open reaction, the battery must be resolutely discarded after the voltage drops, otherwise the battery will continue to react continuously and may leak. Therefore, after the battery is unsealed for a long time, do not put the battery in the hearing aid, it is easy to damage the hearing aid because the battery is over-discharged and leaked. When there are customers who often send hearing aids, the battery compartment is streaked because of this original This causes the battery to leak.

Understanding and learning to use zinc batteries correctly can prolong and effectively extend battery life and prevent greater damage to hearing aids. Further protect the life of the hearing aid.

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