Cochlear brand ranking-How to choose cochlear implant

There are currently three types of cochlear implants available in Taiwan, each from the United States.Advanced BionicAustralianCochlear,AustriaMED-EL(And in mainland China there is also NorconNurotronWait). Each brand of cochlea has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each has its own success stories. Because cochlear implants are a lifetime of work, it is recommended that parents ask the audiologists about the pros and cons of the various products before making a decision, rather than just watching a video of a successful case and making a hasty decision. The factors that Taiwanese usually consider are the following:

1Product characteristics: including the advantages and disadvantages of the product, the number of patents obtained, and the compatibility of future technologies.

2Cochlear agents: including the professional level of the cochlear agent, the degree of service, the ease of maintenance, and the ability to provide a full set of hearing assessment services. Some institutions also provide parents with rehabilitation advice for different periods in the future, and regularly report on the rehabilitation effect of the child. Tracking and continuous improvement, even providing dual mode tuning and evaluation, andFMA one-stop service such as system evaluation that integrates all listening sessions.

3Economic considerations: In Taiwan, hearing loss families should not only consider the cost of surgery and equipment, but also the cost of equipment after sale (such as wires, head pieces, batteries, related accessories, etc.), and some social security services in some parts of Taiwan. Can reduce the related pressure.

Therefore, in Taiwan, hearing-impaired families usually consult professionals before choosing a cochlear brand, such as doctors, audiologists, etc. (and more in China, consult cochlear vendors), and Taiwanese parents will compare when they choose. Technical data on all cochleas and consultations and exchanges with related cochlear families.

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