Hearing is a good video for everyone today. It is a fragment of the famous singer Peng Jiahui who called for everyone to protect their ears when attending the “Caring for the Disabled Public Welfare Press Conference”:

The MV that appeared in the video is the theme song “The Sound of Dreams” that Peng Jiahui sang freely, and the money raised by the song will be used for donation. Peng Jiahui said that he would use the power of some singers to spread such energy. At the same time, he will continue to do public welfare and continue to pay attention to hearing health problems.

Peng Jiahui, a singer, has already suffered damage due to wearing headphones all the year round. Therefore, Peng Jiahui strongly urged everyone to protect their ears during the event. She also suggested that everyone should take a proper rest after listening to the song for a period of time. Try to control the volume as much as possible.

Hearing has prepared hearing protection advice for you.

1., keep the volume

The daily safe volume level is below 85 decibels and lasts no more than 8 hours. If the listener can’t hear someone who is far away from him, or feel pain or tinnitus in his ear, then the sound is too loud.

2, Daisy

When attending other noisy venues such as nightclubs, discos, bars, sports venues, remember to use earplugs to protect your hearing.

3, avoiding huge sounds

In places with loud noise, try to stay away from sound sources such as loudspeakers.

4, attaching importance to hearing safety

Set the level of hearing security for your personal audio device, even in a quiet environment, to adjust the volume to a level of comfort that does not exceed the maximum volume of 60%.

5, let the auditory organs take a short break from time to time

When going to nightclubs, discos, bars, sports events and other noisy places, leave properly and let the auditory organs rest for a short time.

6, using an adapted headset

When choosing a headset, it is best to choose a noise canceling headset, because the adapted headset allows the user to clearly hear the lower volume sound.

7, the elders must urge the younger generation

The elders in the family should supervise their own children’s hearing supervision and be a role model for children in protecting their hearing. High-risk groups such as teenagers and youth should check their hearing regularly.

8, pay attention to signs of hearing loss

If you have difficulty with high-pitched sound such as tinnitus, ringing the doorbell, telephone ring and alarm bell, or if you can’t hear other people’s conversations in a noisy environment such as a restaurant or other social occasions, you should check your hearing questions promptly.

9, limiting the time it takes to use a personal audio device every day

Limit the use of personal audio devices to no more than one hour per day.

It is imperative to protect your hearing health! Even the stars have joined the ranks of protecting the hearing. What are you waiting for? In the past, we have sent a lot of encyclopedia articles about listening health care, you can look through it! It’s Friday again, I’ll hear you in advance and wish you a happy weekend~ Have a good mood at any time!

Link:Singer Peng Jiahui calls: protect the ears!

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