How to protect ear hearing How to protect ear hearing

When watching TV or listening to music, some people like to turn the volume up very much; especially young people, who like to listen to music with headphones, just for a few hours. Studies have shown that long-term exposure to high-decibel noise can cause adverse stimulation to the nerve endings of the inner ear auditory organs and damage to hearing. There have been reports of sudden deafness from time to time. Young people, how to protect hearing?


Avoid listening to songs for a long time

If young people experience hearing loss, then they must reflect on their ear habits. Especially those “headphones”, listening to songs for a long time and loudly have a great damage to the eardrum. Therefore, Xiao Bian suggests that it is best to use the public release when listening to songs. If you can’t use the public release, then you must turn down the volume of the headphones.

Do not abuse drugs such as antibiotics

Many drugs have an impact on hearing, the most common of which are various types of antibiotics. These drugs are also known as “ototoxic drugs.” Many people are sick and don’t like to go to the hospital. They love to go to the pharmacy to buy medicines. They are likely to buy such medicines. If they take them for a long time, they will cause ear damage and cause deafness.

Use your phone as little as possible

Using the phone or mobile phone for a long time can also cause hearing loss in the ear. Mobile phones or computers have a certain amount of radiation, which is not only harmful to the ears, but also prolonged contact can cause the body to decline. Some of the small partners are working on the telephone, and the editor suggested that it should be as far away as possible from the handset when making a call.

Don’t be too diligent

How to protect your ears? Rubbing your ears is a good habit that helps us remove earwax from our ears. But diligent ears are definitely not a good thing, and the lack of earwax protection eardrums will be more fragile. In addition, the posture of the ear is also very important. If you accidentally poke your ear, it may cause deafness.

Keep away from noise pollution sources

How to protect ear hearing? If you want to protect your hearing, you should pay attention to stay away from noise in your daily life. The most common sound of firecrackers is that the decibels are very large. If you are close to you, you will feel deafness. In the case of firecrackers, try to use your handcuffs. Live your own ears, or open your mouth.

Stick to the ear

Some of the more fragile partners must massage their ears more, especially in the case of ear problems, more massage can reduce the burden on the ears. If pus has already appeared in the ear, be sure to clean it with cotton balls in time, and then massage after cleaning.

If you find that your hearing is declining, you should try to improve. Choose a relatively quiet and safe environment to train yourself. Close your eyes, stay quiet, use only the ears to work, use your ears to identify the small sounds around you, and feel and distinguish the difference between each sound. I hope everyone can pay attention to our ears and protect them very well!

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