Phonak hearing aidOne-click mobile phone

The rapid development of hearing aid Bluetooth technology can be seen that the design of hearing aid equipment is more and more focused on life-based hearing aids. Adapting mobile phone Bluetooth can realize instant answering and hang-up functions. It is a very convenient technology for making hearing aids, especially in noisy environments. The demand for this feature is even greater. It is said that Phonak is spending money to realize this technology.3Annual cost2500Ten thousand dollars was developed2.4GWireless chipSword. The rapid development of hearing aid charging technology and Bluetooth technology may lead to new trends in product design for major hearing aid manufacturers. The development of hearing aids is increasingly demand-oriented. Simply upgrading a single technology is no longer the mainstream in the future, and let users It is more important to use more comfortably.


Link:Phonak hearing aids can be connected to the phone at the touch of a button

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