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Social adaptability is a kind of executive adaptability, which refers to all kinds of psychological, physiological and behavioral adaptability changes that people make in order to better survive in the society and achieve a harmonious state with the society. Generally speaking, social adaptability includes the following aspects: the ability of self-care in personal life, the ability of basic labor, the ability to choose and engage in a certain profession, the ability of social interaction, and the ability to restrain oneself with moral norms In a sense, it refers to social ability, handling ability and interpersonal relationship ability. At the same time, social adaptability is the indirect performance of feedback of a person’s comprehensive quality and ability, and the performance of the individual’s integration into society and acceptance of social ability.

Social development is an important aspect of children’s mental health development. Early childhood is an important period of children’s social development. The development of individual social in this period is closely related to future social interaction, behavior, emotion, personality, personality, social adaptability, career achievement and cognitive development. However, this importance is often ignored by parents, who usually pay attention to children’s physical health care and mental health care; pay attention to intellectual development, but ignore the cultivation of sociality. Family is one of the main places for children’s personality to realize socialization. Different parenting styles have different effects on children. Good parenting styles are conducive to children’s social development 。

As a special group, hearing-impaired children have special psychological development requirements. It is necessary to train deaf children in social adaptability, and parents should let them participate in social activities as much as possible. On the one hand, they can get out of the simple family atmosphere, understand the social knowledge outside the family, and lay a solid foundation for entering the society in the future. On the other hand, it can also improve family members’ correct understanding of hearing impaired children. At the same time, it can have a good impact on the whole society, mobilize the forces of the whole society to care for and help them, so that hearing-impaired children also feel the warmth and strength of the society.

For the purpose of protection, some families often limit their communication with the society. As a result, hearing-impaired children become more and more closed. First of all, parents should play a guiding role for their children, and they should have correct guidance. They should not only encourage and help their children to take the first step, but also consciously stimulate and cultivate their children’s enthusiasm to observe the world, explore the mysteries of nature, enhance their ability to adapt to society, and enable them to acquire more knowledge and experience in social life. At the same time, parents can also support their children to participate in more labor, such as doing simple housework or taking part in small public welfare activities, etc., and in the case of children being able to complete independently, let them do it alone as much as possible, consciously exercise their ability to deal with various things, and they can get inspiration from labor and love life and family more.

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