Due to the defects of hearing impairment, some young children usually choose to wear hearing aids to improve their hearing, and the role of hearing aids ear mold plays a considerable role.

Some children cry when they wear earmuffs for the first time. At this time, parents may mistakenly think that the earmuffs cause harm to children, but in fact, most of them are caused by fear when they feel uncomfortable when they wear them for the first time. What should we do in this situation?

First of all, we should not rush to connect the ear mold with the hearing aid, but require children to wear the ear mold alone to reduce discomfort or fear. In addition, they can also use toys to distract their attention, or let them see other children wearing hearing aid earmuffs to reduce resistance. Do not force children to wear ear molds.

Of course, children who don’t wear earmuffs may be caused by internal problems of earmuffs. Therefore, we must pay attention to the color change of the ear skin, and timely check whether the wearing ear is red and swollen in case of crying of children.

If there is swelling in the ear, contact the fitting examiner in time. Children’s ear canal is not mature, and after a period of time, the ear canal will change. If the ear mold is not only worn, the child’s skin is relatively fragile, which is likely to damage the child’s ear canal and cause bleeding.

Another situation is the most common. Due to the development of the ear canal, the size of children’s ear mold is more and more unsuitable. It often slips out of the ear canal, and the hearing aid also has noise. At this time, parents need to change the ear mold for their children. If it is not replaced, the hearing aid may scream, and the sound the child hears will produce a lot of noise. This is quite unfavorable for the children in the speech development period, which will lead to such speech problems as big tongue, stuttering, etc.

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