Hearing screening for children is very common now, but there are still many parents who do not take it seriously, especially in some underdeveloped areas. Many people think it’s convenient to omit the project of children’s hearing screening, but children’s hearing screening is an important means of finding early hearing health problems. In particular, the following categories of children should pay special attention to children’s hearing screening:

1. Family history of deafness.

2. Close relatives get married.

3. Infection history during pregnancy (rubella virus, influenza virus, Toxoplasma gondii infection, etc.).

4. The mother has a history of syphilis before pregnancy.

5. Malformation of the head and neck or other body parts of the newborn.

6. Birth weight & lt; 1500g.

7. Severe jaundice.

8. Intrauterine distress or asphyxia or birth injury.

9. The newborn hearing screening failed.

10. Sleep too quiet, not afraid of noise.

11. Language level lags behind children of the same age.

12. History of infection: meningitis, measles, mumps, scarlet fever, etc.

13. Recurrent otitis media.

14. Used ototoxic drugs (gentamicin, streptomycin, kanamycin and antimalarial drugs).

15. Have a history of head injury.

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