Children need to pay attention to the choice of hearing aids

First of all, go to the regular hospital for a comprehensive examination of hearing, follow the hospital inspection report to match the appropriate hearing aid, and then let the professional fitter give debugging, this is the beginning, the late tracking service is the most important, regularly check the child , debugging and language training and assessment to help children achieve the best results.

1,Child hearing aidHelp with hearing impaired children.

For children who have hearing impairment in early childhood, the process of understanding their language communication is obviously lagging or insufficient. Because hearing impairment makes speech growth retarded, lack of ability and opportunity to communicate with the environment leads to mental retardation and abnormal personality development. The negative influences from family, classmates and partners in the colleague environment can easily lead to psychological hidden dangers of mental health development. Often manifested as silence, withdrawal, loneliness, inattention, hyperactivity, self-willedness, self-centeredness, and even impulsive, aggressive behavior. Therefore, they will be equipped with appropriate hearing aids to provide appropriate treatment and rehabilitation measures, but the various language development problems and psychological problems they face will be reduced. Of course, a harmonious and understanding family environment is also very important.

1In the early stages of language development, babies cannot adjust their own volume according to their own hearing conditions. Generally, they can only wear hearing aids with a fixed volume. The appropriate volume for selecting and fitting at a time is more elaborate than the adult fitting.

2Children with hearing loss learn language through hearing compensation. In order for this process to develop naturally, the amplification of the hearing aid must be such that it can receive the voice of the other party and help the speaker to speak. To this end, the importance of monitoring and tracking the ability of speaking must be considered when assigning hearing aids to children.

3When choosing a hearing aid, you can only rely on limited hearing data to predict the required model and the qualified volume.

4Because the resonance characteristics of the external auditory canal of a child are different from those of an adult, the measurement is true2CCStrong coupling is also affected by different ages, so attention should be paid to the differences between the technical indicators of hearing aids applied to children.

5The fitting hearing aid formula used is all designed for adults, and it is not very suitable for the fitting of young children.

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