How to buy hearing aids for children – children’s choice of hearing aids

First-line brand hearing aids: Swiss Phonak, Danish Resound, Danish Oticon, American Stark, other brands do not explain for special reasons.


1, Phonak market sales are mainly ear-back machine, Stark market sales are mainly custom machine, Ruishengda are almost the same, Oticon current ear-back machine is better than custom machine (the main problem is the production process problem), if the economic conditions are OK It is better for children to choose a first-line brand of hearing aids!

2A reference value of the optional hearing aid with ABR and ASSR objective inspection data! Within ABR50 decibels, it is recommended not to choose a hearing aid for the time being. The age of the baby is slightly larger. The subjective examination is carefully selected because many fitters debug the hearing aid according to the ASSR value, which may cause secondary hearing loss. In a word, the hearing loss is very light, and the hearing aid is cautious!

ABR70Selectable peak force (SP power) within the decibel (M power) ABR85 decibel within the selected peak force (P power) ABR100 decibel within the selected peak force (SP power)

ABR80-100You can choose between the Principal Mermaid SP ABR100 and above to choose the Mermaid UP series (the loss is serious, choose the super-high power hearing aid intervention according to economic conditions, and then apply for the cochlea or self-contained cochlea, so the choice is not necessarily particularly good).

Some of the her parents ABR lost 50-60 decibels to choose the mermaid’s hearing aids. I can only say that you are not responsible for yourself and are not responsible for the children! You can’t judge the apprentice, you can only say that you don’t learn to harm the child. It is better to rely on your parents to learn in one sentence!

3The conditions for choosing a custom hearing aid are not absolutely related to the age of the child! As long as the child can accurately match the pure tone test and dialogue, it is okay to customize the hearing aid in most cases, and each manufacturer provides the number of free replacement shells for the younger children, especially the Stark company is the most powerful. As long as you are not limited to a certain number of ages, you can replace the shell for free! The second choice is custom hearing aid hearing loss reference, hearing loss within 70 decibels can choose a higher bandwidth hearing aid, so the tone is fuller, for children than pure tone 80-85 decibels at the expense of certain clarity The more serious the hearing loss, the higher the parents’ requirements for the appearance, the greater the power of the customized hearing aid, the actual listening effect is certainly better than the behind-the-ear listening. In terms of high-power custom hearing aids, Starck hearing aids have certain advantages. of!

4The description of Phonak hearing aids, because of the marketing problems of Phonak hearing aids, the Phonak hearing aids are guided by the loss of the peak force, so the overall language level of the children is not high, and in some forums The transfer of the mermaid machine also caused some parents to question the suspected rehabilitation effect of the hearing aid. In fact, Phonak also has small and medium power hearing aids, and some hearing-impaired children have good recovery effects! Parents are advised to choose hearing aids according to their hearing. Don’t blindly follow the crowd. Parents can compare several brands and several specialty stores. If they are single-brand stores, unless they are more professional, they may choose the right hearing aids. Most of them may choose the right hearing aids. Hearing aids that are not suitable for selection!

Write it here first. Have time to supplement it! It is only a personal opinion and years of experience. Hearing aids are only essential for language rehabilitation, but the debugging of hearing aids is important! Parents often care about the price of the product and ignore the role of the fitter! So for the baby, ask the parents to learn some basic audiology first, to arm themselves to help their baby to answer the so-called mainstream society as soon as possible.

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