Just equipped with a hearing aid with a long time dizziness how to do

It is not recommended to wear it for a long time without wearing experience. In the first week, we recommend wearing it for an hour or two, and the second Wednesday is four. Slowly pull for a long time, the sound is not too big, first adapt at home, do not go to too noisy places, slowly adapt. Can’t be too anxious.

Hello, wearing a hearing aid has a process of adaptation, generally1-3Months, of course, everyone’s situation is different, the time of adaptation will be different, the time to start wearing the hearing aid is not too long, the first week of the day2It can be done in an hour or so, and the weekly time will increase. At the beginning, it needs to be worn in a quiet environment. When it is adapted to the noisy environment, every patient who comes to the hearing aid is hearing loss for a while. Therefore, it is necessary to take it slowly when wearing it. In addition, the debugging of the hearing aid is also very important. If you wear dizziness, it may be necessary to re-commission.


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