Jinghao’s first Bluetooth new hearing aid W2 is now available for sale. With wireless Bluetooth technology, it can easily turn a hearing aid into a wireless Bluetooth headset for a variety of smart phones or various electronic devices, thus breaking the boundaries of sound transmission.


Not only that, the Jinghao W2 hearing aids are equipped with the latest full-time sound tracking system, which automatically tracks and analyzes the surrounding sound environment to accurately identify the environment – noisy restaurants, cars, concert halls or home.


The Bluetooth wireless connection technology of Jinghao W2 hearing aid can be directly connected with various mobile phones and electronic devices to realize binaural answering. Even if the mobile phone leaves the hearing aid for a certain distance, the call can be kept clear, and there is no need to worry about missing the call.

For the hearing impaired who have not used hearing aids, the first time listening to the hearing aid is particularly important. The Jinghao W2 hearing aid is equipped with the latest chips, making it easier for the hearing impaired to use the hearing aid for the first time.

The Jinghao W2 hearing aid also has a lithium-ion charging technology that can be used 24 hours a day with a single charge. In addition, the new accompanying charging box can be directly charged by USB, which is convenient for the hearing-impaired person to travel and carry.


The barrier-free connection with smart devices is an important trend in the development of hearing aid devices. Convenient and easy to use smartphones, watch TV shows, travel, and innovative listening technology to create a barrier-free living environment for the hearing impaired, while greatly improving their quality of life.

For more than 10 years, Jinghao has always adhered to the concept of innovation, adhering to meticulous craftsmanship and constantly developing hearing solutions that can change people’s lives and improve people’s social and communication. In the future, we will continue to develop and launch more remote solutions for the hearing impaired and hearing professionals, opening up a new smart life for the global hearing impaired.


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