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When my grandfather 80 years old, he has was seriously damaged of hearing. My father bough him a hearing aid, but after my grandfather does’t like to use it and also very hard to hear the sound. When I tried my grandfather’s hearing aids, I found out that there were several problems:

1) The background noise will be amplified as well! (no noise reduction)

2) Your own voice will be amplified! (no directivity)

3) Inconvenient / uncomfortable / not good looking (do not want to bring a strange device)

My grandfather very like to listen music, this is also the reason why he suffer seriously damaged of hearing aid. After hearing loss, He is frustrated every day because he no longer enjoy the world of music. And he cannot communicate with us as usual.

My father is very worry about my grandfather, and all of our wanna help my grandfather fell happiness and enjoy the music.  So we keep looking a good hearing aid which can help my grandfather.  Finally one we found Bluetooth hearing aid!

Bluetooth hearing aid is a wireless communication technology that allows devices to connect remotely to other devices. In terms of hearing aid technology, Bluetooth capability allows hearing aids to connect wirelessly to cell phones, televisions, and computers or tablets.

The brand of Bluetooth hearing aid we bought to my father is from JINGHAO company, it’s a China brand, price cheaper than the famous brand.  To be honestly, we cannot affordable the famous brand, that why we wanna try JINGHAO Bluetooth hearing aid. Surprisingly, my grandfather also likes it. And now he can use Bluetooth hearing aid to listen music. No only listen music, but also Adapt to various Bluetooth devices, TV, computer, telephone. He can directly listen to streaming music, streaming video, streaming media calls.

This sound quality is also very good, since then my grandfather lived a long-lost happy life, thanks to the invention of  Bluetooth hearing aid, thanks to JINGHAO!


Link:A story of a 80 years old heairng loss people

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