How to adapt hearing aids to people with hearing loss

At first, almost no one can adapt to wearing a hearing aid right away.1-2At the end of the month, you will definitely feel more comfortable than when you are wearing it.


First week: First you need to be at home, wear it every day.1-2Hours to re-familiarize and distinguish sounds. The family talked to read the newspaper. Even if there are some voices you may not realize, please don’t be discouraged.

Week 2: You can wear a hearing aid to walk in the woods or nearby parks. In this quieter environment, you may find some exciting sounds or you will hear more clearly.

Week 3: Now you can try to get into the public space, adjust the volume of the hearing aid until you feel comfortable, you can talk to your friends or strangers, but not too long.

Week 4: Now you can prepare to go out shopping, go to the restaurant, do what you want to do, and experience all the sounds of the world again, you will find a lot of fun

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