Older people can cause hearing loss

Nowadays, more and more elderly people have reduced hearing ability. The reason for this situation is not only related to the aging of people, but also the treatment of senile ear damage not only by medical treatment. Next, I heard that I have shared with you the reasons and the corresponding measures that should be taken during treatment.

Older people can cause hearing loss

First, the ear damage is mainly divided into two cases:

1Senile ear damage

As the age increases, people will experience aging in the auditory system. Some of the hair cells in the inner ear will undergo degeneration and apoptosis, resulting in cell death or a decrease in the number. To a certain extent, it causes the function of the ear to decline, causing hearing dysfunction.

2Disease-caused ear damage

The most common are hypertension and arteriosclerosis, which cause blood supply disorders in the inner ear, increased blood viscosity, and disordered lipid metabolism in the inner ear, which causes hearing changes.

In diabetic patients, the persistence of hyperglycemia can damage the microcirculation and blood vessels of the whole body, causing hypoxia in the inner ear. Blood sugar can also damage the nerves and tissues in the ear, and the risk of hearing loss increases.

Second, the treatment of senile ear damage

The occurrence of senile ear damage is a natural phenomenon of human aging. At present, no effective way to reverse this phenomenon has been found, only through early detection, through some treatments to improve part of the patient’s hearing or slow down the rate of progression of ear damage.

1,medical treatement

Including vasodilation, improvement of inner ear microcirculation, neurotrophic and protection, drugs with sedative and heart-filling effects, and proprietary Chinese medicines with the effects of promoting blood circulation, phlegm and gas.

2, hearing aid matching

For most elderly patients with deafness, it is found that hearing loss is already a moderate hearing loss. When the drug treatment is not effective, hearing aids are needed to help improve hearing.

What is the role of hearing aids?

Hearing aidIt is an instrument that helps improve hearing. Its function is to make the weak sound amplified and then transmitted to the earphone, so that the part of the original hearing loss can be heard by the amplification.

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