Wireless Bluetooth hearing aidWhere is the Bluetooth hearing aid?

The benefits of hearing aids with Bluetooth technology are summarized in three points:1To avoid howling;2, reducing sound attenuation;3, improve the signal to noise ratio. First, to avoid whistling is in the Bluetooth phone and Bluetooth mobile phone: do not need the earpiece to be close to the hearing aid, to avoid whistling feedback. Second, to reduce the sound attenuation is to watch TV, listen to the big class: the sound of the TV is directly transmitted to the ear, listening to the teacher of the class using the Bluetooth microphone to directly transmit the sound to the ear, avoiding the attenuation in the sound propagation. Third, after the hearing aid is connected to the Bluetooth, the microphone can be selected to attenuate the microphone, and only the signal tone from the Bluetooth is heard, so the peripheral interference is reduced. Fourth, some hearing aids can be directly connected to mobile phones, such as listening to music, watching videos, making phone calls, etc., which is more convenient and faster, so as to enjoy modern listening equipment and clearer sound.

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