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jinghao w2- bluetooth hearing aids

W2 Bluetooth Hearing aids is a new hearing aid for Android, Apple and various smart phones. It can easily turn a hearing aid into a wireless Bluetooth headset for a variety of smart phones or various electronic devices, and even most of the old Bluetooth phones. Thus breaking through the boundaries of sound transmission, providing perfect sound quality for hearing-impaired users and opening a new smart life.

In the face of the decline in patient trust in medical services and cross-industry competition, the W2 hearing aid is equipped with the latest chips, allowing the hearing impaired to live comfortably in any environment through sophisticated algorithms. Thanks to the W2 hearing aids equipped with the latest version 5.0 full-time sound tracking system, real-time use of more than 200 different modules intelligent hybrid configuration, automatic tracking and analysis of the surrounding sound environment, accurately identify the environment – noisy restaurant In the car, in the music hall, or in the home; the new audio classification recognition function can recognize the audio content being played, so that the hearing impaired can enjoy high-quality audio programs at any time. Adaptive compression and stereo focus and binaural voice intercommunication technology not only make listening easier in noisy environments, but also further improve speech comprehension.

The Bluetooth wireless connection technology of this hearing aid can be directly connected with various mobile phones and electronic devices, enabling hands-free listening to the phone. “The hearing impaired don’t have to put down the task at hand, just like using a wireless Bluetooth headset. Even if the phone is far away from the hearing aid, the call can be kept clear and smooth, not to worry about missing calls.” Senior Audiology Specialist, Sonova Group Dr. Yang Xinyi, Director of Training in China, said. In addition, mobile music, WeChat voice, video calls, and even e-mail or SMS alert tones can support binaural wireless transmission, greatly facilitating the daily life of the hearing impaired.

Easy to operate hearing aids on the mobile phone

The W2 hearing aid also features a lithium-ion charging technology that guarantees 36 hours of use with a single charge. Nowadays, the products on the market need to be replaced, and the W2 hearing aid not only supports flash charging and long-lasting battery life, but also ensures the life of the hearing aid lithium battery for more than 6 years. In addition, the new accompanying charging box can be directly charged by USB, which is convenient for the hearing-impaired person to travel and carry. And through Bluetooth Direct connection technology, users can control the hearing aid more conveniently on the mobile phone. For example, controlling the volume of the hearing aid, setting the automatic power on, viewing the power of the charging type hearing aid on the mobile phone, adjusting the tinnitus masking, setting the common program according to the personal preference, viewing the daily wear of the hearing aid, etc.

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