Is there a hearing aid with deafness?Does the hearing aid really work?

聋 can generally be divided into five types: mild, moderate, moderate to severe, severe and extremely severe. Mild patients can hear people’s voices in close range. In this case, there is no need to wear hearing aids. Moderate patients can only hear them.1The voice of the speech in the rice, like this, it is necessary to choose a hearing aid, and the moderate to severe and severe patients, even the close distance of the speech is difficult to hear, this should be equipped with hearing aids, the full selection of patients has lost meaning, hearing aids For the deaf people, it is also necessary to see the type of degree.


In daily life, communication with friends and family members is essential, and hearing aids can be a good help for deaf people. If we are answering questions with our family and fighting frequently, many family members will become more and more impatient and even get bored. It is not to blame or ignore it. We feel that it is really useless.!Gradually, chatting at home becomes an outsider, which becomes irritating, lonely and even eccentric. It is obvious how important it is for some deaf people to choose to wear a hearing aid.!

Is there a hearing aid with deafness??Really useful??I believe that everyone should have a general understanding. Our treatment of hearing is not a step. This is a long process. We should also use hearing aids scientifically. Remember how to use them.

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