If the hearing aid is just worn, there is still some sound that can’t be heard.

Because the gain compensation of the hearing aid is limited, even the best hearing aid is only an auxiliary basis, it is unable to reach the level of the ear. At the same time, the effect of the hearing aid is not good, not just related to the grade and function of the hearing aid. The most important thing is related to the individual’s hearing situation and speech resolution. It is possible that your hearing has been declining for many years, which has led to poor speech resolution. Therefore, some words are inaudible or cannot be heard after the sound is small. of.After wearing the hearing aid, I still can’t hear it. First, let’s see if the hearing aid can be used normally. If the hearing aid is ok, it may be that the volume is not big enough. Go to the professional fitting center to do a hearing test. According to the test results, the problem should be debugged. solved. If it is unclear, this is caused by the patient’s language resolution being too low. The hearing aid is mainly used to compensate the voice of the human voice, that is, to communicate with people. And beyond the human voice part may not be available. In fact, the loss of human ear suction is not average. Maybe you are only losing a lot of voices. The degree of loss at different frequencies is not the same. If you want to hear more sounds, you can choose a wide-band hearing aid with better performance.


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