Can the hearing aid just be worn?

The first thing to look at is how much your hearing loss is and how long has it been lost? If your hearing is not heavy, the loss is not long, and wearing a suitable hearing aid, basic communication is no problem. However, if your hearing loss is long and your hearing loss is heavy, you need to re-familiar with the various sounds after wearing the hearing aid. Just like your child, you can learn the language again. It takes a while. I hope I can help you! For patients with severe hearing loss, first of all, we must look at the speech resolution. If the speech resolution is very poor, we can only listen to the sound. In addition, after the patient is fitted, the sound is familiar in the quiet environment first, and1-2The rice is face-to-face and communicates with each other individually. The other party should have a clear articulation. Don’t talk too fast. The time should not exceed one hour. After adjusting for a period of time, the time of communication can be slowly increased, and then enter public places and communicate with people.


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