What is going on in the sound heard by the hearing aid?

Under normal hearing conditions, you don’t have any obstruction in your ears when you speak, you can hear the sound through the air and skull vibrations. However, when you wear a hearing aid, your ears are occluded, air conduction is reduced, and the skull vibration is lifted. This experience can make you feel strange (the bone conduction hearing aid has a similar phenomenon). There is no problem with this. We use the hearing situation of the hearing listener to compare the hearing aids to the same standard.


Some hearing aid users will feel that they will have an echo after they first fit or adjust the machine. This is called the “occlusion effect”.

Hearing aids are electronic devices, and the mechanism of the human ear is definitely not the same. We can’t use the standard of the human ear to require the electronic device to reach the same height. But modern mainstream hearing aids have been able to achieve very close levels. As long as the brain adapts to the hearing aid, it can be combined with this sound.

Wearing a hearing aid, the sound heard is different from the previous one.

For children who need to learn a language, it also does not affect the positive tone of the language. At present, there are a large number of speech rehabilitation literatures that can prove that the hearing of children with hearing impairment through hearing aids is not much different from that of hearing, and the individual differences and rehabilitation levels have great influence, but It will not affect the pronunciation of the future because the initial hearing aid does not sound true. Of course, the premise is that you have to choose a hearing aid fitter, which is more important than hearing aids.

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