Hearing aid sound tubeWhat if the hearing aid sound tube has water drops?

There will be some influence. The small water droplets will affect the transmission of sound. If the water drops enter the hearing aid, the inside is easy to get wet. Therefore, the water drops in the sound tube should be cleaned up in time. You can pull the sound tube down and use it. The toilet paper is wiped into thin strips, or it can be blown with a cold air blower, and then go to the hearing aid fitting center to clean and maintain the dehumidification.

The simple construction of hearing aids can be divided into: microphones, amplifiers, speakers, potentiometers, etc. Then, in the daily use of hearing aids, there will always be problems such as small sound, inaudible, inaudible, and noisy. A friend who wears a hearing aid for a long time may notice that the behind-the-ear hearing aid wears water drops in the sound tube for a period of time. What should happen if the hearing aid is damaged? Answer: You don’t need to panic. First remove the hearing aid and wipe it with a dry step, and pull the sound tube down. You can use a cold air from a syringe or a hair dryer to blow it. In general, hearing aids are not damaged. Hearing aids are worn every day and often encounter moisture


I believe that swimming, bathing, shampooing, washing your face, raining, etc., have been noticed by everyone; morning or foggy dew, sweat caused by summer or dry air, not used for weeks, and the battery is taken out or used inferior battery Some people may not pay attention to the leakage; when the humidity is high, the moisture in the air will be more intrusive, and there are other things – hair spray, washing clothes, kitchen steam, and so on.

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