There are drops of water in the tube of the hearing aid,How to do

In-ear hearing aids, water droplets in the tube due to temperature difference in the winter or the ear canal is also easy to have water droplets formed by the sweat, which will affect the sound transmission. You can remove the tube from the joint of the hearing aid, or use a thinner The soft paper dries the water droplets and can be used normally when connected.


The water droplets are called condensed water and enter the winter. As the temperature drops, due to the higher temperature and humidity in the ear canal, the temperature of the external part of the hearing aid may be in the air.5At about the degree, the moisture in the ear canal enters the receiver and condenses inside, which blocks the sound hole and corrodes the receiver. Condensed water will be generated inside for a few days, causing the hearing aid to get wet and various malfunctions. The water drops can be dropped out with the sound outlet facing down. When the hearing aid is not in use, put it into a dry box or an electronic drying box to dry it. Regularly go to the fitting center for maintenance.

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