I have neurological tinnitus and hearing aids useful?[Can hearing aids eliminate tinnitus?]

Tinnitus is a common symptom that can cause tinnitus for many reasons. The elderly are the frequent people with tinnitus symptoms. Many elderly people are accompanied by tinnitus in the process of hearing loss. The lighter ears seem to have squeaking and squeaking sounds. The heavy ones are like car whistle and even thunder roaring, day and night. The squeaking makes the elderly feel uneasy, affecting sleep and physical and mental health. Someone will ask, is there any way to treat tinnitus?


At present, the main methods for treating tinnitus in the world are drug therapy, masking therapy and psychotherapy.

Tinnitus masking therapy uses external sound stimulation to suppress spontaneous excitability of the inner ear or auditory nerve, and masks tinnitus with external noise. This therapy is effective for patients with significant tinnitus.6080%.

In general, senile tinnitus due to a decline in auditory organs can be suppressed by masking therapy.

Commonly used tinnitus maskers are:

woreHearing aidCan you eliminate tinnitus?

Tinnitus masker

woreHearing aidCan you eliminate tinnitus?


It can generate wideband and narrowband noise, and the frequency domain requires instruments with adjustable frequency range and adjustable noise output intensity in the speech frequency domain. The use of such special masking device for tinnitus masking treatment is effective. Disadvantages: Large size, expensive, can not be carried with you, patients must go to the hospital for treatment. Hearing aids For patients with tinnitus and hearing loss, the preferred treatment for tinnitus is the optional hearing aid, which improves both hearing and tinnitus. For mild tinnitus, the noise floor of the hearing aid itself can be obscured; for some serious tinnitus, it is recommended to use the built-in tinnitus masker.Hearing aid(such as Oscar’s pilot series, leading series and listening series).

Can a hearing aid eliminate tinnitus?

However, it should be noted that the hearing aid has an inhibitory effect on tinnitus and has no therapeutic effect.Hearing aidAfter the tinnitus may be reduced or not ringing,Removing the hearing aids and tinnitus will still appear.

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