I am with my hearing aid for the rest of my life.

Simply put, my binaural hearing performance is “can not stand loudly, can not hear.” Such as cell phone ringing, doorbell ringing, computer keyboard percussion, most female voices, children’s voices do not feel anything to my ears. It is said that even now, giving me hearing aids for hearing loss patients is a great challenge for many hearing workers.Hearing aidThe balance between comfort and audibility is hard to find!


Although I went to kindergarten from high school to high school, my grades were good, but I was still confused because of hearing problems, my study was blocked, my career was limited, and the successive blows made my own tinnitus and psychological defects more problematic. Serious, communication with people is extremely passive, causing great trouble to my life. Let me give you an unclear example – for a long time, when I gave others a verbal self-introduction, most people would pronounce my name as “Du Jiamin” instead of “Zhu Xiaoming”, no matter how many times I said it. It’s not right, it makes me have a self-introduction phobia for a long time, and as long as I speak and talk to strangers, many people can’t understand it right away, and I need to repeat it many times.

Another example of aggravating psychological defects – for a long time I hate to see or hear words related to the ear, such as “listening”, “聋” and so on, which makes me hate! Even an otologist is the object of my extreme disgust! It is a typical “sickness and avoidance” syndrome. As time went by, I was able to hear the ringing of my mobile phone and became one of my life dreams! Because I have never heard the sound of its bell since the advent of the phone, even if it is in my ear, I can’t hear it!

The exciting news is in2004Year3Appeared in the month. In a clinic, I accidentally read an article about the ear specialists of a well-known hospital in China about how to choose a hearing aid. Among them, he mentioned that the all-digital hearing aids introduced at that time may help me with this type of hearing loss. So, my heart is full of expectations for hearing aids.2004In the second half of the year, I came to the Hearing Hearing Aids Center and asked the fitter directly if there was an all-digital hearing aid as described above. Fortunately, this time I finally had the opportunity to try on a hearing aid, no longer having the chance to try it out.

When I listened, I finally heard the phone ring that I dreamed of! It is so clear and sweet! The words of the female tester are also second, my mood is very exciting, let the tester slowly move the phone ringing from near to far from me, until I am away from me.5By the door of the store, I can clearly and easily hear the wonderful ringing of the mobile phone. The feeling at the time was really like a dream, which made me unbelievable!

The shock of the ringtone that can be heard through the hearing aid to my heart is enormous! Since then, I have started a life with hearing aids. To describe the hearing situation given to me after the initial wearing of the hearing aid is too much, it is really rich and wonderful hearing world! The most memorable thing is to wear a well-equipped hearing aid. One person in a quiet place, listening to the phone ring for more than an hour, is too excited to say!

The listening industry that helps hearing-impaired people realize their dreams is respectable.

I feel the same feelings. I understand the inner desires of the hearing-impaired people like me. I also want to share the real experience of wearing hearing aids with other hearing-impaired friends. Of course, I want to make myself better. I benefited from the hearing aids. Shortly after wearing the hearing aids, I read through the “Hearing Aids” edited by Zhang Hua. The knowledge of audiology and hearing aids was introduced.

I have been wearing hearing aids for more than 13 years. Although I have experienced a lot of bumps and confusions, I finally learned the innumerable and real life of the hearing aid technology with the help of professional hearing workers. The pleasure of listening has also brought great convenience to my work and life, and improved my attitude and way of thinking.

Since wearing the hearing aid, my life has gradually become more active, active, optimistic and confident with the help and encouragement of my friends and relatives. I used to be more savvy and more aware of myself, reflecting on myself, translating, and understanding, respecting, and inclusive of others’ behaviors and thoughts…

Especially now, I will share with the other hearing loss friends through the network to share my experience and feelings in the use of hearing aids, recommend them to my recognized professional hearing workers, and some problems in the wearing of hearing aids. And timely feedback from relevant hearing workers. In the process, I also established a good relationship with many hearing loss friends and excellent hearing workers. Alone Better Together! It is undoubtedly one of the things that makes me the happiest to rekindle new hopes for those who are desperate because of their own or their family’s hearing loss! The feeling of harvest is heavy. Listen to life and be grateful for life! This is what I really want to express as a user who has been wearing a hearing aid for thirteen years. I deeply know that my hearing-enabled journey is inseparable from the encouragement and help of my loved ones, and the hard work of hearing aid developers and many experienced and experienced hearing workers! I am deeply grateful for this!

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