Children can’t pronounce D and t sounds, and their tongue doesn’t work hard. How can we correct it?

Mr. Bi: first of all, we should eliminate the problem of listening. You need to hear clearly before you can speak clearly. If the effect of hearing aid compensation is very good and the problem of listening is solved, it depends on the age of the child and whether it is at the stage of developing this sound. In other words, when pronouncing this sound, whether its predecessor’s phoneme has developed well.

The pronunciation of D and t can be guided by the vowel I or an Da An Da Da Da Da.

2. How to correct the nasal sound produced by children’s “L” sound assembly?

Mr. Bi: first of a l l, we should make sure whether the child can distinguish the sound correctly, that is, we should first exclude the reasons for listening; secondly, we can try to use “Hala Hala” to guide the child to remove the nasal sound; in addition, we should not make the initial “L” alone, we can try to use the combination of L and vowels a, I, U.

3. Children’s poor shut up pronunciation, such as Bi hair Di, Bian hair Dian, what to do?

Teacher Bi: Hello! First, find out whether the child can distinguish “B” and “d” from the above. If it can be distinguished, it is not a matter of listening. Try this exercise: try not to use the vowel “I” to take, you can try to use “a” to take: a-ba-ba-ba.

If the child doesn’t shut up before pronouncing, it’s OK to start with A-M and then m-ba-ba.

Link:How to solve the confused pronunciation problem

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