Hearing aids can solve the problem of echo

Wearing a hearing aid may have various inconveniences, and there are echoes in your speech, and the hearing aids are screaming… There is echo in your own speech.” This question: After wearing a hearing aid, some people will feel that they have spoken even if they have not closed the battery door. Echo. To see what kind of echo, the fitter may make the following adjustments depending on the situation:


Either adjust the gain in the fitting software;Either open a properly sized vent on the ear mold or the outer casing of the ear machine;Either replace the ear mold or closed earplug of the ear machine with a suitable open earplug;The conventional ear-back machine is replaced with an open-type ear-back machine, such as an open fine-sound tube ear machine or a built-in hearing aid for the receiver;Either change the size of the ear machine to “small size”, for example, the ear canal type for ear canal type. Of course, hearing loss is allowed.

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