What is the reason why the hearing aid is silent?

There are a lot of reasons for the hearing aid suddenly. There are many reasons for this. Try changing a new battery first. Is it the sound hole blocked? Is the machine damp? Summer sweat is more, the possibility of damp is greater, then you can go to the professional fitting shop, let the professional fitting division help you judge, if not, you have to send the manufacturer to check and repair. Of course, during the warranty period, it is free. If the warranty period is exceeded, then the cost of the part is charged.


  1. The sound hole is blocked by cockroaches or other dirt. This condition is more common, especially in-ear and deep-ear canal hearing aids, which are more susceptible to dirt.Violation. You can use a small tool such as tweezers to carefully clean the sound hole.

  2. The battery is dead. The battery used by the hearing aid has a certain life. Sometimes when the sound of the hearing aid becomes small or there is no sound, the battery may be dead. At this point, as long as you replace the battery with a new one, you can solve the problem that the hearing aid has no sound.

  3. The machine is damp. If the machine is disturbed by moisture or is in a humid environment for a long time, it may cause the machine to become small or have no sound. At this point, the hearing aid should be dry. Usually also develop the habit of drying hearing aids.

  4. The volume adjustment button is broken. In some cases, the patient may accidentally damage the volume adjustment button of the machine, or forget to turn on the volume switch when using it, resulting in no sound in the hearing aid. Simply turn the hearing aid volume switch on.

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