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According to foreign media reports recently, in 2011, the global digital hearing aid market sales revenue of about $7.2 billion, is expected to reach $11.3 billion in 2018, the compound annual growth rate of about 7%.At present, the United States digital hearing aid sales ranked first in the world;Europe is second;And the market development of digital hearing AIDS in developing countries is relatively slow

In the past 5 years, new digital hearing AIDS have been launched on the market. More than 20 hearing AIDS manufacturers have launched more than 40 new digital hearing AIDS.

Including waterproof hearing AIDS, invisible hearing AIDS, multifunctional hearing AIDS.

We here introduce one digital model which is used Osemi digital card and include all the function as below:

* Digital Hearing Amplifier

*4 channel digital machine

4 mode for different environment (Normal,Noise reduction,outdoor,conference)

*Waterproof and hot-selling in USA amazon




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Link:China hearing aids sales in foreign markets

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