Happy, Very happy at that moment. A girl who suffers hearing loss said.

I don’t quite hear the sound since I was a baby. I Learn to speak and literacy at the same time. My father is really patient and corrects my pronunciation.  Although I still have a big tongue when I speak now. The memory of childhood is the only hospital for my hearing loss.

My parents don’t know what is the hearing aids at that time. The first time I saw the hearing aid is my grandfather’s pocket hearing aid.

When I was in junior high school, I couldn’t hear the teacher’s lectures. I felt that my grandfather’s hearing aids were completely enough, so I was brought to the classroom. As a result, the noise was so large that I could hear both people before and after, and occasionally the teacher could hear it. At that time, I was in love with the back table. They were very curious, but I was very embarrassed… So I didn’t wear it, and my academic performance was completely released by my own savvy.

until the third year of high school, my mom saw that the advertisement of the Disabled Persons’ Federation in the newspaper had a special offer with a hearing aid, It’s ITE hearing aid and BTE hearing aid, small and invisible.  This is Jinghao hearing aid, the price is cheap and affordable.

My mother bought an ITE hearing aid to me.

there is a whistling sound at the beginning i wear on my ear, the customer service told me to slow down the volume for the first time. And a few days ago I am getting used on it. Also, I can use it when I listen to the phone call.

Because the current is very strong, I can use it to watch TV, it is actually not very clear that the lines must be read. However, the first time I heard cockles, voices, rain and thunder, the entire world of sound opened a new door to me. The feeling is very noisy but I am very happy! the world is bright, and the whole person is very cheerful.

Hearing aid makes your life better!



Link:What is the feeling when the first time I wear Hearing aid

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