Hearing aid batteryHow should I saveHow to store hearing aid batteries

Hearing aid battery is divided into675,13,312,10These kinds, no matter which one, need to be preserved in order to improve the service life.


1Do not store in a damp place

For example, the bathroom and the pool side, where the wetlands are relatively large, will affect the life of the hearing aid.

2Don’t store it in a cold place

For example, the refrigerator, a few degrees outside the north, these low temperature places will reduce the performance of hearing aids.

3Do not store in a place with a higher temperature

For example, in a car that does not have an air conditioner in summer, the temperature is very high and it is not suitable for storing hearing aids.

4Do not store in a place where it is easy to collide

For example, do not store unopened batteries in your pocket, and battery collisions may discharge.

5Do not store in a place where children or pets are easily accessible.

The accident of swallowing a hearing aid by a child or pet occurs almost every year.

The recommendation is to place the full version of the battery in a plastic bag and store it in a suitable place.

In addition, the hearing aid battery is a zinc empty battery, and its positive pole is air, so after the battery is taken apart from the protective film, it is placed in the air.1 ~ 3Minutes, the battery and air can be fully contacted and then placed in the hearing aid to extend the life of the hearing aid.

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