How to properly choose a hearing aid for your child

Various hearing aid supporting institutions for the market economy, such as: public hospitals, private hospitals, individual hearing aid stores, pharmacies, schools, clinics, etc., various hearing aid brands: Fengli, Starck,Resound, SiemensgParents who are waiting will be confused. What kind of hearing aid should I give my child? I should believe which expert suggested helping the child to properly cooperate with the hearing aid? For parents who provide hearing aids to their children for the first time, they are under great pressure and may have the following problems.

1530194299629570.jpg is it likeChild hearing aidSuitable for children?

2.Can children talk after they have a hearing aid?

3.Does the hearing aid have any adverse effects on children’s hearing?

4.How long is the life of the hearing aid? How often do you change?

5.What kind of rehabilitation can the child achieve through a hearing aid?

6.Is there a better treatment for children besides hearing aids?

7.Is the effect of implanting a cochlear implant better than a hearing aid?

8.How to provide speech rehabilitation training for children in the later stage?

In response to the above problems, parents urgently need professional hearing aids and professional industry appraisers to solve and guide the correct selection of appropriate hearing aid products, and provide the correct rehabilitation guidance program. How to choose a hearing aid product for your child? A team of auditory experts will provide you with detailed analysis.

Step 1: When you discover that your child has hearing loss, you must go to a provincial professional hospital for a hearing test.

For example, the Beijing People’s Liberation Army General Hospital, Tongren Hospital, Union Hospital, Children’s Hospital, from brain stem evoked potential map, otoacoustic emissions, acoustic impedance, nuclear magnetic map, behavioral audiometry and other examination results to confirm the child’s hearing loss, nature, Causes, rehabilitation intervention methods. Why do you emphasize that you must go to a provincial professional hospital for a hearing test? The reason is that the inspection equipments of hospitals in different regions are different, the audiologists of ear medicines are different, and the inspection equipment of many prefecture-level hospitals is backward. The level of hearing loss in children cannot be properly checked. Otologists lack knowledge of audiology, cannot diagnose children correctly, and cannot guide parents into hearing rehabilitation programs.

First2Step: Choose a professional hearing aid installation mechanism

After excluding the contraindications for hearing aid accessories, parents understand the extent, nature and causes of hearing loss in children. It is important to equip the child with appropriate hearing aid products as early as possible so that the child can hear the sound earlier and stimulate the hearing path. Every organ. Currently, there are many hearing aid brands on the market. Due to the free market economy, many hospital systems have their own hearing aids and cochlear implant brands. When a parent consults an otologist, the doctor usually promotes a hospital-assisted hearing aid brand or cochlear implant product. If the recommended hearing aid product is best for children, it is definitely worthy of recognition. However, some doctors may ask their children to prepare a hearing aid or cochlear implant for their own financial interests. In addition, doctors blindly recommend cochlear implants regardless of the child’s residual hearing and hearing aid compensation. Parents should make more comparisons in different institutions and not blindly choose inappropriate hearing aids and expensive cochlear implants.

Can not choose unprofessional hearing aid sales organizations, such as: pharmacies, single-brand hearing aid dealers, simple workshop hearing aid accessories store, many non-expert long-term accessories only simple and rude hearing equipment, not equipped with children’s behavioral audiometry equipment and fine hearing aid debugging equipment The results of the very professional routine fitter hearing test are still unclear, but the degree and nature of hearing loss in children cannot be accurately analyzed. For the debugging of hearing aids, only one brand debugging method has been mastered, and the technical characteristics of professional hearing aid products are poorly understood.

Parents should choose a multi-brand distribution large professional chain agency, equipped with professional deaf assessment tools, professional hearing aid accessories and professional debugging and maintenance equipment. The selected hearing aid brand should be cost-effective, powerful, high-tech, high-power, professional hearing aid products to meet the needs of hearing compensation.

Professional large chain agencies can be protected from six aspects!

1.Strong strength, direct chain network, to ensure that your hearing aid products are authentic licensed, with regular pre-sales and after-sales service.

2.Professional hearing aid accessories, professional commissioning and maintenance equipment and child assessment tools ensure the best results for hearing aids.

3.Reasonable market prices can provide you with higher cost performance and less economic pressure.

A responsible long-term after-sales service system guarantees the life of the hearing aid.

5.The Language Rehabilitation Training Guide Program provides professional support for your future rehabilitation training.

6.Professional ear mold making ability and quick repair ability ensure the use of hearing aids.

third step. Give full play to the role of hearing aids and assume the role of child teachers.

“The most important language teacher for a child is a mother!” Is the child’s hearing severe or severe? As long as the intervention time is accurate, there will be enough power, high-definition hearing aid product compensation, strong parental support, good language training and rehabilitation environment. Pre-spoken children must have oral English and hearing rehabilitation. Many parents think they provide the right hearing aid for their children. If they spend money, they will complete the child’s task.

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