How to use a hearing aidHearing aid matching skills

Nowadays, our products are full of variety and variety, so we must be cautious, just like wearing glasses, we must have the right degree, so the following points can refer to the following


1. Check to see if it is in place. Generally speaking, adults are listening to pure tone (air conduction)..Bone conduction)+The sound field assessment is a basic combination, the listening center with a little attention will be equipped with a speech evaluation system, and the professional one will be equipped with a real ear analyzer;

2. If the child is doing an examination and cannot cooperate with pure tone audiometry, does the hearing center have to do it?ABR.ASSR, such as electrophysiology and other test equipment, the acoustic impedance test is accurate, professional points are matched with behavioral audiometry;

3. Whether there are multi-brand auditions during the matching process, hearing aids6Big international brand+Numerous niche brands, except for low-end simulators, all of which are imported parts or imported, so there is no domestic import in the strict sense; so be sure to listen and hear the most comfortable sound. suitable

4. Buy a hearing aid and then you must consider an after-sales service (hearing aid failure, maintenance spare parts purchase)

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