How to adjust the hearing aid?2018Hearing aid matching skills

The general hearing aids should be adjusted under the guidance of professionals. The internal frequency adjustments are not allowed by the patients themselves. Ordinary hearing aid users only need to adjust the volume of the hearing aid, the volume switch is generally open clockwise, counterclockwise open (and vice versa). When the volume is adjusted, the potentiometer rotates to a small amplitude, so that it can be heard without noise. After adjustment, the number of rotations should be reduced as much as possible to reduce wear.


Of course, if you wear an automatic all-digital hearing aid, you can’t adjust it yourself, because the digital hearing aid can automatically adjust the sound and input sound of different environments to be as comfortable and clear as possible. When you use it for the first time, since the hearing aid has not been adjusted to suit your various environments, please be sure to use it.3-4After the week, go to the original fitting center to review and tell your hearing aid fittings after use. The fitter will correct or modify your hearing aid program to achieve better results.

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