How to maintain a hearing aid to make the hearing aid last longer

Usually pay more attention not to wear a place with a large amount of water vapor. Do not wear it when you wash your face and wash your face. Usually wear it to prevent it from falling. It is recommended to open the battery compartment without wearing a hearing aid and put the hearing aid into a dry box to avoid moisture. . each3-6It is recommended to go to the fitting center for cleaning and maintenance.1Times.

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Hearing aids are a high-end electronic product. It is equivalent to an organ of a person. Then our human organs are to be protected. No problems can occur. Then the hearing aids are the same. Afraid of humidity, fear of collision, can not withstand high temperatures, afraid of sputum blockage, then what should we do? Then you should go to the hearing center regularly for care and maintenance, do not use a hair dryer to blow. Do not put it in a damp place, do not drop it. The battery should be replaced in time. To sweat, wipe the sweat on the hearing aid with a soft cloth. Usually take it down and put it in the special dry box of the hearing aid. This will make the hearing aids last longer.

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