When hearing problems occur to our family or friends, we are all worried because we can’t communicate with them normally, sometimes they don’t hear them, sometimes they will make a complete mistake in what you say. In this way, we are too tired to communicate with them. In order to avoid embarrassment, your hearing impaired family or friends will also reduce their communication with others, which will not only affect their personality, psychology, but also their ability to distinguish the language in the brain because of the reduction of communication.

But how can we help them choose and match their hearing aids?

As you know, the price of all international < a href = "http://www.sqhearing.com/tlkp/478.html" target = "blank" > hearing aids < / a > < a href = "http://www.sqhearing.com/tlkp/478.html" target = "blank" > brands < / a > ranges from several hundred yuan to one or twenty thousand yuan, among which there are all kinds of price scales, so many people are very confused about how to choose among so many hearing aids suitable for their families What about our hearing aids? Here are some suggestions from Jinghao hearing aids:

1. The more powerful the function, the higher the price. First of all, measure the environment in which your family usually uses hearing aids

1. For example, some hearing patients don’t like to go out at ordinary times. Usually, they communicate with people at home or in some environments with less noise in the residential area, or the working environment itself is relatively quiet. So long as they choose universal hearing aids, the price is basically between several hundred yuan and three thousand yuan. Because there is no contact with noise, there is no need to choose hearing aids with noise reduction function, otherwise it is a waste of function.

2. Some hearing patients have more hobbies, like outdoor sports such as outing or work environment with more noise. They can choose hearing aids with automatic noise recognition and noise reduction function, which can focus and improve speech function in the noise environment, which is conducive to reducing noise interference and speech recognition of these users in the noise environment. Generally speaking, the price of this kind of hearing aid ranges from 5000 yuan to 9000 yuan.

3. Some patients, especially some business people, have a changeable communication environment, such as office, road, car, meeting room, airport, factory and many other uncertain occasions. In this changeable environment, the quality of communication is very high, so they must use hearing aids with automatic identification of multiple environments and strong noise reduction ability, so They can cope with the changing environment. The price of this kind of hearing aid is relatively high. It’s not surprising that the price is tens of thousands, even twenty or thirty thousand. The highest end hearing aid has a frequency amplification range of 80

Hertz – 1. 20000 Hz, completely beyond our speech frequency range, so the sound quality is fuller and clearer. Meanwhile, it has Bluetooth technology, which is convenient to connect with mobile phones and other devices, and it is more convenient to handle business.

2. The higher the power of the same series of products, the higher the price of hearing aids, so determine the hearing aids suitable for your power.

In the hearing aid service center, it is necessary to know the actual hearing loss of hearing patients through hearing test. This is very important! Because this is a key step in choosing the right power for hearing patients. For example, hearing patients with 40-65db hearing loss are suitable for medium power hearing aids, 65-80db hearing patients for medium and high power hearing aids, 80-95db hearing patients for high power hearing aids, and over 100dB for super power hearing aids. Therefore, after analyzing the family use environment, we basically determine the purchase scope and a series of products, and determine the hearing aids suitable for their own power. If the power is large, you may spend hundreds of yuan more.

III. The smaller the appearance, the higher the price

The appearance of hearing aids in the same series includes ear back type, ear canal type and deep ear canal type. The smaller the appearance, the more the price. If you are old and inconvenient, it is suggested that you choose the ear back hearing aid, because it is convenient for you to wear, and the price is more affordable. Of course, if you care about the appearance and don’t want others to see you wear the hearing aid, you can choose the deep ear hearing aid, but the price is slightly higher than that of the ear back machine.

The basic price components of hearing aids described above, of course, there is also an important factor is that everyone’s situation is different, the specific situation needs more in-depth field analysis and diagnosis.

Jinghao hearing aid reminder: hearing aid wearing requires professional “matching”, so it is very important to choose a professional hearing aid matching center and a hearing aid tester! If you have any hearing problems, you can call Jinghao for consultation, or come to the matching center for experience. Hearing aid free consultation Tel.: + 86-18566295705


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