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Through the strategic cooperation between the first-class professional hearing organizations at home and the world and the world’s top brands, Hearing Hearing has established a world-class children’s auditory speech rehabilitation park and electronic cochlear center to provide comprehensive hearing solutions for hearing-impaired children in China.

Double star mermaid

The Double Star Mermaid series is the Swiss Phonak Mermaid (Naida) in the series RICThe split hearing aid is a high-end hearing aid product developed and produced by the Sonova Hearing Group. Compared with the standard mermaid, the performance is equally superior, the appearance is smaller, the wearing is more beautiful, and the ear is less stressed.,It can meet the needs of users with lighter hearing loss and more attention to invisible appearance, especially for younger children.


Product Features

The Double Star Mermaid Split Hearing Aid has many excellent features, such as: speech in wind noise, speech in extreme noisy, automatic speech orientation, speech in the car, high-frequency remodeling in dual-track, extra-large power receiver, etc.FMReceiver, dustproof and waterproof level reachedIP68Minimize the impact of moisture. Bring users a high quality sound experience and accurate fitting and good comfort.

More flexible range of fitting

The double-star mermaid split-type hearing aid series can be freely matched with different power receivers, free to match, even if the hearing changes, no need to re-purchase, just need to replace the receiver, reducing the cost of replacement!

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