How to choose children’s hearing aidsChild hearing aid selection skills

The development of hearing aids has experienced many stages in the simulation of hearing aids, programming hearing aids, all-digital hearing aids, hearing aids and the Internet, as well as the interconnection of smartphones. In recent years, in order to adapt to children’s hearing, language and physical and mental development characteristics, different types and performances of special hearing aids have been introduced. This move, on the one hand, expands the range of hearing aid choices for hearing-impaired children, and on the other hand brings confusion about how to choose hearing aids. Clinical practice has proven that choosing a hearing aid for a child should not only be considered in favor of “listening”, such as the choice of acoustic gain and acoustic output, the choice of channels and frequency bands, the choice of listening procedures and output clipping, and the choice of fitting formula. The choice of wearing ear, etc., should be considered in favor of “speaking”, such as the choice of amplification and compression, frequency expansion and mobile technology selection, signal processing and speech recognition technology selection, high fidelity technology selection, The choice of compatible auxiliary devices, etc., must also consider the children’s lively and active sweating, curiosity, and the hearing aids as a toy for disassembly, no protection and maintenance awareness. Therefore, combined with the time of hearing impairment, the nature and extent of hearing loss, the intellectual and cognitive ability of the wearer, family status and guardian characteristics. The choice of hearing aids for hearing-impaired children has a strong personality and requires parents and fitters to consider and take them seriously.


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