Hearing aid is the only high-tech electronic product in modern society, which must be worn at any time in daily activities, is very precise, works in all kinds of adverse weather conditions and living environment at any time, and is easy to fall when it is taken and worn. For various reasons, it is doomed that hearing aid needs good maintenance to obtain the best use effect. According to the research results of customized machine in recent years, it is found that earwax blockage, damp and unintentional drop impact are the three main causes of hearing aids, especially the damage of customized machine.

1. Earwax damage

Among them, earwax blockage is the main cause of expensive receiver damage. Chinese ear wax is usually dry. Normally speaking, chewing and walking, most of the earwax will vibrate out of the ear canal because of the vibration. However, some of the earwax will remain in the ear canal. Especially after wearing the customized machine, the ear canal is blocked, and the earwax can’t fall out normally. The earwax can only go to the receiver hole of the machine if it’s light If the sound becomes lighter and heavier, the receiver will be seriously blocked and damaged, causing unnecessary loss to the deaf.

Regular cleaning of the receiver hole requires the joint efforts of dealers and users. Never look down on a small piece of earwax, which may bring you huge losses and inconvenience. Clean the earwax according to the steps in the instruction manual. It will not take much time, but it can save you a lot of maintenance costs and avoid the pure resistance of the inorganic cotton cloth?

2. Hazards of water vapor

One of the biggest enemies of hearing aids is water vapor. It is generally known that water vapor will enter and accumulate in the hearing aid from the gap between the battery door and various adjusting buttons, which will affect the internal circuit of the hearing aid, cause water vapor in the volume of the internal cavity of the customized machine shell, corrode the movement and internal wiring. Therefore, in addition to normal use, we should pay attention not to let the surrounding water vapor enter the hearing aid, such as adjusting the hearing aid with wet hands or drenching the rain.

The harm of water vapor entering the receiver cavity from the receiver hole of the customized machine is not well known. In the south of China, the period of high temperature is very long in the whole year, so it is necessary to wash and cool frequently. Generally, a small amount of water splashes into the ear canal after bathing. A little water in the ear canal of normal people will evaporate quickly, but if the deaf people wear the customized machine without drying it when there is water in the ear canal, the water will be completely blocked in the small ear canal space between the customized machine and the eardrum membrane. After heated, the water will become water vapor, enter the deep cavity of the receiver, and then gradually cool and accumulate into liquid water, soaking the extremely small parts in the receiver, If the receiver is damaged, the voice will be abnormal if it is light, and the receiver will be reimbursed completely if it is heavy.

So it is very important to keep the ear canal dry. When the hearing aid is not in use, put it in the desiccant to absorb the water vapor from the machine, which will bring a very long service life to your hearing aid.

3. Impact damage

Hearing aids, like quartz watches, are very afraid of falling, because the components in hearing aids are connected by very small wires, which are very easy to be broken after being impacted. In particular, due to the structure of the receiver itself, the internal voice vibrating reed and thimble are very easy to shift and deform after impact, resulting in distortion or silence (see the detailed introduction of the receiver structure).

In the production process of the receiver, if the receiver falls from a high place before packaging, the only way to deal with it is to discard it. It can be seen that the receiver is not impact resistant.

After the receiver is installed into the hearing aid shell, although the impact resistance is improved, it still needs to be attached great importance to prevent falling impact. Due to its small size, the customized machine is easy to slide from the hand when it is put on or taken off, so it is necessary to pay attention to this point.

Hearing aid preservation

When the hearing aid is not in use, close the switch and open the battery door, which can extend the battery life. If the hearing aid is not turned off, it will make a squeak, which may attract the attention of children or pets, resulting in unnecessary damage.

Therefore, the hearing aid should be stored in a place where children or pets are not easy to find. If you do not use the hearing aid for a long time, please put it in a special pocket and store it in a cool and dry place

Cleaning and maintenance

Form the habit of cleaning the hearing aid every day. Use the brush provided by the company to brush away the earwax or other small particles accumulated around the ear channel of the hearing aid, volume adjustment knob and battery compartment, and then gently wipe the hearing aid with a soft cloth. Never use solvent, detergent or oil to clean the hearing aid.

Because the hearing aid is very delicate, it is better to clean and maintain it on the table with soft cloth or towel to avoid unnecessary damage or loss of parts.

Once you get used to wearing a hearing aid, sometimes you forget that it’s working, so be sure to take out the hearing aid when swimming, bathing or using an eruption agent. Of course, when washing clothes, also check whether there is a hearing aid in the pocket.

If the hearing aid is damp, do not use a drying tool such as an oven, microwave or hair dryer – this can easily damage the hearing aid. Instead, take out the damped battery, open the battery door of the hearing aid, and put the hearing aid on the towel and store it in a safe place, so as to achieve the purpose of driving away the damp.

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