Children’s hearing aids should be well maintained, because they are young and ignorant. They often play with hearing aids as toys, which is easy to break, and easy to water. It’s very important to help your child maintain his hearing aids; let them realize that hearing aids are very important to them, and try to cultivate their sense of responsibility for maintaining hearing aids. But now, you need to take care of your child’s hearing aids.

There are several important reasons why hearing aids need to be maintained: first, to maintain the best performance of hearing aids; second, to ensure that the health of hearing aids meets the standard and high health standards, after all, hearing aids are in direct contact with your child’s skin; in addition, correct daily cleaning and regular maintenance can extend the service life of hearing aids and ensure good performance of hearing aids.

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Here are some maintenance items:

Operate hearing aids carefully (e.g. switching procedures, changing batteries, etc.)

Change the battery frequently or take a new battery with you to prevent the hearing aid from suddenly running out of power. If the child will not use the hearing aid for a long time, take out the battery and clean the battery compartment cover regularly. Use a cotton rod to carefully clean the battery compartment. Pay attention not to bend the contact piece. Dirty battery compartment contacts may cause the hearing aid to not work properly.

Remove earwax from hearing aids.

Hearing aid blocked by earwax may cause temporary failure or even crash.

Use a small brush or soft cloth to clean the child’s hearing aid. Be careful not to insert these cleaning tools into the sound output of the hearing aid, which may damage the speaker. If you are unable to clean the hearing aid thoroughly, please contact the hearing care professional.

Filter screens should be replaced frequently to ensure that they are not clogged with dirt.

Do not allow children to wear hearing aids in the shower, swimming, using a hair dryer to dry their hair, spraying glue or other misty liquid on their hair.

Regularly ask professional or personal to clean the ear canal for children. The earwax blocked in the ear canal will prevent or prevent the sound from the hearing aid from flowing into the middle ear smoothly; do not let children pull out the earwax themselves, so as to prevent them from hurting themselves.

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