How to distinguish between tinnitus and deafness[Different methods of tinnitus and deafness]

Tinnitus is a disorder of hearing, policies and regulations, its sound is high and low, the tone is diverse, or such as humming, or like the sound of the wind, or the sound of a stream of sounds. Tinnitus can be bursts, it can be continuous, some tinnitus is accompanied by deafness, and some have tinnitus without deafness.

Most patients with tinnitus have different degrees of auditory system lesions, and hearing tests have different degrees of hearing damage.


Ototoxic antibiotics such as streptomycin and gentamicin can be used to poison the inner ear, cause tinnitus and deafness in some people. If early detection and withdrawal are treated early, it can reduce or avoid deafness.

Tinnitus caused by various ear diseases such as otosclerosis, acoustic neuroma, and Meniere’s disease, if left untreated, may result in deafness. However, not all tinnitus causes deafness. Such as hypertensive blood or Chinese medicine believes that yin deficiency and other diseases, may only have tinnitus and normal hearing, when these systemic diseases improve, tinnitus will naturally disappear.

What should I do with tinnitus? If the tinnitus is light, sometimes you can massage yourself or acupuncture the acupuncture points in front of the tragus to make the tinnitus disappear. If the tinnitus is obvious, study the garden and continue to return to the hospital for examination, find out the cause and treat it. If you have tinnitus due to certain systemic diseases and discipline training, you should treat systemic diseases.

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