What is virtual deafness and tinnitusWhat is the virtual deafness and tinnitus?

As the rhythm of real life is getting faster and faster, most people do not pay attention to physical health, it will easily cause some physical diseases, and deafness, deafness and tinnitus are a kind of kidney deficiency ear disease, which will cause some complications in the human body. Causes hearing loss, memory loss, etc., which is very harmful to your health.


Long-term in a large noise environment can cause tinnitus and deafness. It is accompanied by tinnitus before most hearing loss. It can be said that long-term tinnitus is a precursor to deafness. If there is no hearing loss yet. Just tinnitus Have a slight loss of hearing; try to avoid a large noise environment Pay attention to the diet as far as possible and try not to touch the tobacco and alcohol Etc. to avoid damage to the ear and use acupuncture and moxibustion to promote the circulation of the inner ear blood to do more auricular acupressure to relieve tinnitus if hearing has decreased significantly (3More than a month) consider wearing a hearing aid to maintain hearing , language discrimination ability is not falling and can suppress tinnitus in conjunction with the doctor’s medication.

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