Can deafness recover hearing?

Whether the deafness can restore the hearing depends on the patient, and the age of the patient also affects the recovery effect. I think this question has to be answered in four aspects:

First, congenital deafness, such patients generally have language barriers, and now medical technology can give them hearing aids, although not as good as normal people’s hearing, but they can also walk out of the silent world and communicate with our normal people.

Second, functional degenerative deafness, these patients are generally older, there is no possibility of cure, only wearing hearing aids to help them improve their hearing.

Third, inflammation caused by deafness, such as adenoid hypertrophy caused by secretory otitis media, if timely treatment, eliminate inflammation, hearing can be restored.

Fourth, the deafness caused by trauma, if the condition is mild, timely treatment, can also be restored. If the injury is serious, there is no possibility of recovery. Only hearing aids can be worn to improve hearing.

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