How to determine if the hearing aid is working properly

1Turn off one of the ear hearing aids (to distinguish which hearing aid is the problem);

2Observe the condition of the ear mold and the sound tube of the hearing aid (whether there is aging or damage, and this part of the problem usually causes howling);

3If the ear mold and the sound tube are blocked, use a suitable tool to remove the blockage;

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4Remove the battery and check if the battery is fully charged with the tester. If there is enough power but no sound or low sound, it may be that the microphone is clogged or damp (check if the microphone port is blocked, clean it with a small brush and dry it). The power consumption is much faster than usual. It may be a battery problem or a problem with the hearing aid itself. It needs to be sent for inspection. (Remove the battery or the hearing aid, make sure the battery is used during the warranty period.2-3The battery observes whether each battery is consumed much faster than usual, and if so, it may be a problem with the hearing aid).

5Check the battery compartment and battery pole pieces for poor contact and rust;

6Bring the monitor earphones and connect one end of the earphones with the ear molds; turn on the hearing aids, if there is a howling sound, the connection is not tight enough, please adjust to the state without whistling;

7The hearing aid is placed close to the tester’s lips about a punch distance. In a quiet environment, the volume and sound quality of the hearing aid are detected using “Lin’s Six Tone”; (If the hearing aid is silent during the test, the battery may be insufficient. , try a new battery, if there is still no sound, it is usually a hearing aid problem, need to be repaired)

8The same method began to test the hearing aids on the other side.

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